The right to vote has remained a hot topic for all Americans since the Declaration of Independence. For the black community, in particular, there has been a steady rise in voter turnout since 1996, until 2016, when the numbers drastically dropped.

The current administration has done little, if anything, to address the issues faced by minorities, specifically black men under 35 years. There is so much racism in the country, police brutality persists, and there are many reports of killings in the hands of law enforcement officers.

To remedy all this, we must vote, and vote for change. The only…

Every few years, we have the opportunity to elect our country’s leaders. In 2012, we showed up and voted en masse to keep Obama in office. That year, an impressive percentage of black voters participated in the election, exceeding the percentage of white voters. In 2016, we hit the snooze button and Trump won the election. If you want your vote to benefit the Black community, here is what you should look for in the candidate you choose to back in the 2020 election.

Candidate track record

Many of our current leaders don’t acknowledge the struggles faced by Black people in the United…

More than 100 million Americans come together every four years to participate in the The United States general election. In order for such a large event to be carried out successfully, the process must be carried out with great attention to even the most minor details. Thousands of administrators must come together to ensure that voter registration, the actual voting process, and the counting of votes is carried out correctly. A huge number of officials work day and night to ensure that the general election is successful.

However, handling such a large number of voters and their votes presents a…

Many Black Americans have the talent, motivation, and qualifications that are necessary to excel in corporate America, yet there is an obvious lack of Black people holding senior leadership roles within most of the country’s major businesses. Although there have been some efforts made to increase diversity in the American workforce, the results have been lackluster.

Recently we are seeing an exodus. Many skilled Black Americans are choosing to abandon the corporate workforce to instead pursue employment with smaller businesses or to start a business of their own. …

Police killings of black males is one of the most historic forms of structural racism in America. Black males face the highest lifetime risk of being killed by police, with a report by the National Academy of Sciences finding that they are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police over the course of their lifetime.

Police Involved Killings of Black Males

Police officers have been unlawfully killing black people since the start of this country, but it wasn’t until widespread implementation of video surveillance that we were able to regularly catch them doing it. …

Arming yourself with adequate information will allow you to maximize the impact of your vote in the upcoming election. While the United States has a somewhat complex presidential election process, it is easy to follow the procedures if you understand how it works. By engaging in and fully understanding the election process, you can teach others how their right to vote works. In doing so, you may encourage them to make it out to the polls this year and cast their vote.

The Stages of the U.S. Presidential Election

The Presidential election is divided into several different political events. …

You probably already know this but; the criminal justice system is known to unfairly target black people; many black communities only have access to low-quality education; and working age black people have the highest unemployment rate amongst any racial group in the U.S.

As a black man in America, you are probably quite familiar with these systems that were built around you, not for you. Luckily, through your vote, you have the power to help elect leaders who care about rebuilding these unfair and oppressive systems.

Your Vote Is Important

Exercising your right to vote is about more than just…

Black Men Vote

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