Challenges Facing the US Electoral System

More than 100 million Americans come together every four years to participate in the The United States general election. In order for such a large event to be carried out successfully, the process must be carried out with great attention to even the most minor details. Thousands of administrators must come together to ensure that voter registration, the actual voting process, and the counting of votes is carried out correctly. A huge number of officials work day and night to ensure that the general election is successful.

However, handling such a large number of voters and their votes presents a tricky proposition. Some of the shortcomings of the existing system became apparent in the 2016 election. Here are some of the notable challenges facing the United States electoral system.

Outdated Election Infrastructure

The computers and software that were implemented are nearly twenty years behind today’s standards. These computers can no longer deliver results at the expected speeds and consistency in comparison to modern systems.

Security Concerns

Working with outdated equipment has many downsides. Apart from low speeds and susceptibility to failure, these machines are devoid of modern security features. Modern hardware and software delivers both performance and data integrity, owing to enhanced technology and security features.

The election process involves storing and communicating the private data of citizens. The profiles contain personal information such as official government names, date of birth, phone numbers, and addresses. Unauthorized access to this information may have far-reaching effects and may subsequently result in data manipulation.

Lack of a Common Standard

With different states following different processes during the general election, weaknesses may occur in the electoral system. Inconsistencies may not only introduce a margin of error, but also bring about unforeseen complications in select states during the general elections.

A challenge for Black voters

This year’s election will be a historical one. Black voters will make a huge difference in the upcoming election. We ask all eligible Black voters to take that crucial step and vote for change in November. We shall stand up against an oppressive system, one that has failed to address social, economic, and political imbalances that have taken root. The Trump administration simply doesn’t care, and we can’t rest easy as ethnic divisions, inequality, and social injustice take over our country.

Make a difference this year by pledging to vote so you can become a part of the change we all need in America today. Commit to this important process, go pledge to vote at Once you are done, share the link with your friends and have them join #ourbloc too.